Málaga 1969.

Studies in Malaga, London, Paris and Madrid. Her artistic proposition is born the experiences expressed in a diary-type of navigation, that she has captures during her trips around the world as a flight attendant.

The landing and approaches to airports such a JFX, MEX, MIA, SFO, are the lens of her camara, which are captured in polished methacrylate worked with pictoric pulse.

Her worked has reached both individually and collectively the Spanish gallery Nela Alberca Sl in Madrid, Collective Auction in MAlaga, Mecenas Gallery, Panorama 187, SEAT of Andalucma tourism in Parador San Rafael Malaga, Medical school Malaga, collective exposicisn Pocket book in Cortijo Miraflores
Marbella, “So what studio” winner veo_arte in the 4 edition Art& Breaskfast in Malaga, “So what studio” is in the vip lounge of Modern & Contemporary show in
Marbella, collective exposicisn in Wastrom tonnenem Gallery.

Awarded with First prize to painter woman of city of Malaga, her next future work can been seen in Miami, Madrid and California.

The fascination with decadent urban landscapesand the beauty of the far corners of nature, combined with a unique painting style loving chromatic abstraction.

With freer figurative style, is the main features of identity of the artist.

Nature, such a lichens, mosses or over time in any of its manifestations dotting his work.